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Remember those photos of the Red Cross button corset I promised a couple of years ago?  
12:19am 30/08/2009
Fräulein K.
No? No wonder. I do, though, believe it or not, and I'll try to accomplish better ones at some point too.

There has been a certain amount of grumbling from the senior generations in my local scene  - my age and upwards - for several years now that there is no interest from the younger generation in joining the organization of existing clubs, or starting new ones. There is some justification to that, but things are beginning to change for the better, a couple of new clubs have surfaced the last few years, arranged by younger folks, among them a new goth society, formed and run by four or five girls around 20. One of them is behind that new psychobilly night as well, and they throw goth clubs every now and then. I missed the first one, this spring, but went yesterday. I had fun, it's been literally years since the last time I went to a proper goth night and the music was pretty great - still rather focused on the batcave/deathrock side of things, which I tend to like, but I danced to Death In June, too. Plenty of new, young faces, which bodes well for the future.

I've been thinking that I should dig out my old favourite distressed, tattered and beaded goth rags and do BIg Goth Hair one last time before I cut it all off and go blonde this winter, and now I've even kind of promised one of the lovely ladies of the Stockholm Goth Society to do that for the next event. It'll be fun, I'll just have to remember to stock up on conditioner..

There was some sort of suggestion to dress summery, to celebrate the end of summer. That tropical uniform thing would have been a great fit with the theme, of course, but there was no time - a khaki shirt with the corset is a vague nod in the same direction, though, as is the farmer's tan from Kesudalen, I suppose.
Still not a decent photo of the corset in the bunch, but at least it's in the photo and worn by me, not the vintage mannequin.

mood: hungover
music: Laibach - Volk
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Making amends  
12:26pm 23/08/2009
Fräulein K.
I want to get my act together and start posting more regularly again. This is nothing special, I haven't got much sewing done this summer other than a few projects for other people that needed finishing,  so there is nothing new and nothing exciting to show so far. I have a few things I'll try to start on in the next few weeks, though - a take on tropical uniforms, among other things, just in time for, um, autumn..

Well. Went out a couple of nights ago, anyway, and took a few photos beforehand. Not a big affair, but I haven't been out in ages and just putting on some lipstick and a cap felt pretty great. So did getting well and truly drunk, actually, that was a bit of a surprise.. I have been a social animal lately, seeing a lot of old friends and making a few new ones, and that resolution of mine is working rather well, too. Don't know if I wrote about it here, but I'm a habitual naysayer; I say no, thank you to things without giving it much thought, and it's a bad habit that I am trying to break. So, I said yes please to a pre-party at an acquaintance's place, unhealthy amounts of gin and tonic, a new psychobilly club and, predictably, ended up having a nice night out - I don't even know why I got into the habit of not going along with things like that.
A friend pulled me aside and said some incredibly sweet and thoughtful things, too, the kind of things that are still making me feel better about myself after both the buzz and the hangover have passed. I should try to see more of him, too.

Anyway, it's nice to be back.

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Back home  
03:26pm 16/08/2009
Fräulein K.
I've been away for a while, in Kesudalen and various other places. Found this cute little pin in the cabin, I think I'll have to whip up a few sketches for something blue to wear it with. I picked up the buttons earlier this year, vintage SL uniform ones. During the first half of the 20th century SL was split into different divisions for different kinds of traffic in another way than it is today, these belong to the one or other of the uniforms for electronic rail division, IIRC, but I have to look it up. I like them, but four is such an awkward number for buttons, I must look around for more of them.

On a fabric in that great, vintage SL shade of blue, perhaps?

Edit: not SL, SJ - don't know where my wits went begging. Oh, well.

tags: buttons, style
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01:36am 08/07/2009
Fräulein K.
I had a couple of hours to kill in the city today and it was raining, so I went to Spårvägsmuseet, true to form, this time with the camera in tow.

Fragrant, lukewarm summer rain and a few claps of thunder, rather nice, actually. I walked instead of catching a bus and was soaked.

+7Collapse )

Monitor Festival on Saturday, with En Halvkokt I Folie, The Pain Machinery, Container 90 and Run Level Zero, looking forward to that. I like three bands out of the four, not bad at all, and I really don't want to miss a rare chance of seeing En Halvkokt I Folie.
mood: geekygeeky
music: Schakt Neun - Selfdestruct
tags: photos
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10:31pm 23/06/2009
Fräulein K.

Just home from a long walk in Värtahamnen with A, where we came across a magnificent pile of mud at a construction site - I love the fleshy, fatty texture, and the colour is gorgeous. Probably rather toxic too, considering the location, Värtahamnen is one of Stockholm's big industrial ports.

tags: colour, photos
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I am alive  
11:44am 19/06/2009
Fräulein K.
but it's Midsummer's Eve today, so I'm off in a little while. Found a black fur cap, dated 1947, for practically no money at all (20 crowns!) and a perfect pair of vintage pumps, dark grey leather, late 40's - early 50's, in Malmö. I have vague plans to photograph them tomorrow. Other than that there's entirely too much confusing, irritating and plain bad stuff going on right now. I wish people would just leave well alone sometimes.
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And summer is a scam so far, anyway.  
04:02am 07/06/2009
Fräulein K.

Earlier tonight, believe it or not, and the leather gloves are not for show, unfortunately. The braces are under the jacket. I couldn't take it off, it was freezing - feels more like March than June. There are some indoor photos of the braces, will see what can be done with them tomorrow.

Two dodgy photos of the suspenders here.Collapse )
Agent Side Grinder were great, as usual, easily the best band tonight, Frontal less so (but in uniform, on the other hand) and Kommando XY didn't surprise in either direction - lots of bare chests and violence in front of the stage.

mood: tiredtired
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When it rains, it pours  
01:29pm 06/06/2009
Fräulein K.
Apparently that thing they spotted on dad's CAT scans a few months back was new cancer growth after all - he had a check-up last week. They will be starting him on radiation and/or chemotherapy treatment again. Also, as completely trivial as it is, I have a cold in my head and feel rather miserable all things considered.
I'm going out tonight, though, staying in may help with the cold but not with anything else. There are three bands playing and it should be good - an excellent local band, Agent Side Grinder, Kommando XY and Frontal. I may try to get photos of the leather braces while I'm at it.

Right, and it's the National Day of Sweden today, not that anyone cares much. I don't even know what happened on June 6th without looking it up (founding father Gustav Vasa was elected king on June 6th 1523, apparently). It has only been a national holiday for a few years, and so far no one seems to know what to do with it. Four Gripen fighters flew over my neighbourhood in formation a couple of hours ago, that's the extent of my National Day excitement so far - you don't see them much these days.
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Pennsylvania Railroad!  
10:49am 26/05/2009
Fräulein K.

Early birthday present! My inner railfan has been quietly squeeing with geeky joy all night. Exclamation marks! So pretty!

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10:22pm 22/05/2009
Fräulein K.

I'll let this clip speak for itself, but I thought the stick grenade was a very nice touch, as is the song following Der Mussolini.

I was drunk thoroughly under the table by a very old and very wonderful friend the day before yesterday, and had a lovely time yesterday evening as well. All things considered, I'm doing extremely well so far.
mood: amusedamused
tags: music
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